The Yesterday Machine (1963)

The Yesterday Machine
Directed by Russ Marker
Written by Russ Marker
Carter Film Productions
First viewing/YouTube

Police Lt. Partane: Yesterday should be left alone because today the world has enough problems just trying to make sure we’ll have a tomorrow.

By 1963, poor Tim Holt had been reduced to playing bit parts in bad Nazi time travel flicks.

Their car breaks down when two teenagers are on the way to the big football game – thus giving us the opportunity to watch the long baton twirling performance of the young lady. They foolishly disregard the no trespassing sign to seek help at a farmhouse.  Before they can get there, they are waylaid by ruffians in Civil War uniforms.  The boy survives a scuffle but the girl goes missing.

A reporter and the girl’s sister – a nightclub singer so we can catch her act – join the police to solve the mystery.  This involves a mad Nazi scientist whose experiments in time travel are designed to create an eternal Third Reich.

Very bad indeed with the excess of filler characterizing these things.  There are some camp pleasures to be had however.

Clip with new soundtrack