That Touch of Mink (1962)

That Touch of Mink
Directed by Delbert Mann
Written by Stanley Shapiro and Nate Monaster
Granley Company/Arwin Productions/Nob Hill Productions Inc.
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Connie Emerson: [talking to Cathy] For 2000 years we’ve had their children, washed their clothes, cooked their meals and cleaned their houses. And what did they give us in return? The right to smoke in public. We sold out for a cigarette – and you don’t even smoke!

Right before being a 40-year-old virgin was just plain embarrassing, Doris Day was tempting some mighty handsome man to the altar in just that condition.  Cary Grant makes a more than adequate stand-in for Rock Hudson.

Cathy Timberlake (Day) is an unemployed career woman with a great wardrobe and apartment.  One day, her immaculate attire is doused when fabulously wealthy Phillip Shayne’s (Grant) limo speeds through a large puddle.  He sends his minion (Gig Young) out in search for her to make things right.  Once he sees Cathy, though, he has more than mercy on his mind.  For her it is love at first sight.  That’s why she allows him to treat her to a deluxe romantic getaway in Bermuda.

Somehow, our heroine manages to maintain her virtue.  The rest of the story follows the wrangling and misunderstandings that usually lead to a happy ending.  With Audrey Meadows as Cathy’s friend.

This is up there with the Rock Hudson-Doris Day rom-coms of the period.  Grant is always a joy to watch.  Nice for a weekday afternoon.

That Touch of Mink was nominated for Academy Awards in the categories of Best Writing, Story and Screenplay – Written Directly for the Screen; Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color; and Best Sound.