Most Dangerous Man Alive (1961)

Most Dangerous Man Alive
Directed by Allen Dwan
Written by Phillip Rock and Michael Pate; story by Rock and Leicester
Benedict Bogeaus Production
First viewing/YouTube

[on his use of tracking shots throughout his 50-year career] There’s always a certain amount of camera improvisation. If a man is being pursued and the pursuers are more interesting than the pursued, I’ll track to include them. Things would occur on the set and sometimes ahead of time. They turn you loose on the set. — Allen Dwan

What a sad swan song for veteran director Dwan, whose 50 years in the business and 407 films culminated in this dud.

This is the old story of a gangster who escapes from prison bent on vengeance against the rivals who betrayed him.  There’s a love angle as well.  To spice it up, the filmmakers have their protagonist escape during an atomic test, which mutates his cells into steel.

The science fiction aspect of this film is an afterthought.  What you are really in for is a sub-par gangster flick.  I could not detect any redeeming features.

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