Ten Favorite Films of 1955


I’ve now seen 80 films that were released in 1955.  A complete list of the films I have seen is here A few were reviewed only here.  It was quite a deep year with 59 available films rated 7/10 or higher by IMDb users.  Lately, I have thought that it would never end!  That’s not to say that I didn’t watch many fantastic films – too many to fit all the films I rated 9/10 or over in this favorites list.  Also rans were: Richard III; The Desperate Hours; Night and Fog; All That Heaven Allows; Oklahoma!; Marty; and Rebel Without a Cause.

I had a really hard time choosing among the top three films.  I based my decision on the one I would want to watch again first.

10.  Diabolique – directed by Georges-Henri Clouzot

Film and Television

9.  The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz – directed by Luis Buñuel


8.  Rififi – directed by Jules Dassin


7.  Bad Day at Black Rock – directed by John Sturges


6.  The Big Combo – directed by Joseph Lewis


5.  Night of the Hunter – directed by Charles Laughton


4.  The Ladykillers – directed by Alexander Mackendrick


3. Pather Panchali – directed by Satyajit Ray

pp62.  Ordet – directed by Carl Th. Dreyer


  1.  Smiles of a Summer Night – directed by Ingmar Bergman

smiles 2


7 thoughts on “Ten Favorite Films of 1955

  1. If you took Bad Day at Black Rock and replaced that with Pather Panchali then I think you would have my top 5. Sommarnattens Leende was a lot better in hindsight than I fist gave it credit for and this I also the one I would pick first for a revisit.
    Congratulations on finishing 55. I am on my last movie for 56 (The Ten Comandments) so for a little while we are on par.

    • We won’t be on par for long! Ten Commandments fell way down on my random list. I’m not particularly looking forward to a De Mille epic any way.

      I think you would love both The Big Combo and Rififi if you had a chance to see them.

  2. I’d move Les Diaboliques up a few spots were this list mine–I think it’s a dandy thriller. The Man with the Golden Arm would likely make my list as well, but I’m a sucker for Sinatra in dramatic roles. I might also toss in Mister Roberts (maybe) and M. Hulot’s Holiday (definitely). Another admission, though–I like Hulot and Jacques Tati more than most people.

    • I like Diabolique a lot too. I put it below some others because I thought it suffered a little bit on the second viewing. M. Hulot’s Holiday was on my 1954 list. I’m sure Tati’s other films will do well too.

      • Fair enough–I think I have M. Hulot’s Holiday listed as a 1955 film on my list. It’s one of those movies that seems to have a variant release year depending on where one looks.

  3. I’ve seen all the films you have listed here and I think I would put Smiles of a Summer Night at the top as well, despite how much I like The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz, Bad Day at Black Rock and Night of the Hunter.
    I love Bergman, and I have trouble picking a favorite of his, considering it a six- or seven-way tie for first place. (And possibly an eight-way tie now that I’ve seen From the Life of the Marionettes.) But I do find myself gravitating towards Smiles of a Summer Night if I force the issue.

    • My rankings don’t mean too much. They shift according to my day and mood. I’d probably go for The Seventh Seal for my Bergman but like your idea of a multi-tie. Smiles of a Summer Night would surely be in it.

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