1963 Recap and 10 Favorites List

I have now watched 120 films that were released in 1963.  A complete list can be found here.  Despite my many complaints about the films on the List, it was a strong year and I had 18 films for my favorites list.   They could have been sliced and diced in any number of ways – I aimed for a balance between List and non-List films.  The  films I reluctantly left off my Top Ten were:  Shock Corridor; The Great Escape; Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie; The Organizer; It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World; Billy Liar; Lilies of the Field; and High and Low.  I was unable to locate The Cool World or Mediterranee from The List.  My favorites are no particular order though 8 1/2  would remain at the top no matter how I compiled my list.

10.  An Actor’s Revenge – directed by Kon Ichikawa

9.  The Leopard – directed by Luccino Visconti

8.  America America – directed by Elia Kazan

7.  Judex – directed by Georges Franju

6.  Charade – directed by Stanley Donen

5.  The Servant – directed by Joseph Losey

4.  Hud – directed by Martin Ritt

3.  This Sporting Life – directed by Lindsay Anderson

2. Mahanagar (The Big City) – directed by Satyajit Ray

1. 8 1/2 – directed by Federico Fellini

4 thoughts on “1963 Recap and 10 Favorites List

  1. You beat me to it, Bea. I am still two movies from completing 63. It is a good top ten and I am happy you found room for An Actor’s Revenge. I don’t think 8 1/2 would top my list, but it would make top 10.

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