1962 Recap and Ten Favorite Films

I have now watched 116 films that were released in 1962.  A complete list can be found here.  It was a strong year and I had 19 films for my favorites list.   They could have been sliced and diced in any number of ways – I aimed for a balance between List and non-List films.  The  films I reluctantly left off my Top Ten were: An Autumn Afternoon; Advise and Consent; Sanjuro; Gypsy; The Music Man; Jules and Jim; The Longest Day; Cape Fear; and Vive le tour .  The list is no particular order though Harakiri would remain at the top no matter how I compiled the list.

10.  A Long Day’s Journey Into Night – directed by Sidney Lumet

9.  Whatever Happened to Baby Jane – directed by Robert Aldrich

8.  The Days of Wine and Roses – directed by Blake Edwards

7.  Cleo from 5 to 7 – directed by Agnes Varda

6.  The Manchurian Candidate – directed by John Frankenheimer

5.  The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – directed by Tony Richardson

4.  To Kill a Mockingbird– directed by Robert Mulligan

3.  The Miracle Worker – directed by Arthur Penn

2.  Lawrence of Arabia – directed by David Lean

Harakiri – directed by Masaki Kobayashi


2 thoughts on “1962 Recap and Ten Favorite Films

  1. Well done, Bea! That is a lot of movies.
    You have a strong top. Maybe I would order it a bit differently, Lawrence of Arabia would take pole position for me, but I can not argue their inclusion on the top ten. I think An Autumn Afternoon would make top 5 for me. I totally loved that movie.
    Maybe I should watch Miracle Worker…

    • I loved An Autumn Afternoon too. No room! I think you would love The Miracle Worker. It’s a great, moving story and powerful acting.

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