1960 Recap and Top 10 Favorites

I have now watched 100 films that were released in 1960.  A complete list can be found here.  It was a great year and I have 17 films for my favorites list.  This may be the first year that the Best Picture winner is also my very favorite film of the year.  Excellent films I didn’t have room for are: The Bad Sleep Well; Wild River; Shoot the Piano Player; The Virgin Spring; Inherit the Wind; Two Women; and Late Autumn.  The list is no particular order, though I can’t think of anything that would move The Apartment out of the top slot!

I am having a family medical emergency (not my own) so it may be awhile until I start 1961.

10.  The Naked Island – directed by Kineto Shindo

9.  Psycho – directed by Alfred Hitchcock

8.  Peeping Tom – directed by Michael Powell

7.  Purple Noon – directed by Rene Clement

6. Le Trou – directed by Jacques Becker

5.  Rocco and His Brothers – Luchino Visconti

4.  L’Avventura – directed by Michelangelo Antonioni

3.  When a Woman Ascends the Stairs – directed by Mikio Naruse

2.  La Dolce Vita – directed by Federico Fellini

  1.  The Apartment – directed by Billy Wilder

6 thoughts on “1960 Recap and Top 10 Favorites

  1. I am in the process of watching The Apartment, but I can already say that I will probably agree with you playing that movie at the top. Otherwise you have some good movies on the list but I would replace one of the Italian movies with another Italian movie that I loved more: The Mask of Satan.
    I hope the medical situation is not too serious.

    • My husband had a heart attack and we thought he would need heart bypass surgery. But a wonderful doctor opened up his blocked arteries using stents, he is walking around, and coming home from the hospital tomorrow! I am sooo happy!

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