Wings in the Dark (1935)

Wings in the Darkwings-in-the-dark-movie-poster
Directed by James Flood
Paramount Pictures

First viewing


Sheila Mason: What are you thinking about?

Ken Gordon: I was just thinking how crazy I was not to take a good look at you when I had the chance.

This improbable aviation romance is bolstered by the charisma of its stars.  Sheila Mason (Myrna Loy) is a daring barnstorming pilot.  She has a yen for fellow aviator Ken Gordon (Cary Grant), who is developing a plane that will be capable of flying “blind” without instruments.  Ken is too busy to notice.  When Ken is about to demonstrate his plane with a transatlantic flight, he is (temporarily?) blinded in a gas stove explosion.  Ken overcomes his bitterness with the encouragement and help of Sheila and they fall in love.  Can Ken realize his dreams of flying blind??

Wings in the Dark 1

A picture with Myrna Loy and Cary Grant automatically has a lot going for it as far as I am concerned.  They bring a lot of charm to a frankly melodramatic and utterly unlikely story.  Roscoe Karns is good too as Sheila’s promoter.


2 thoughts on “Wings in the Dark (1935)

  1. Huh? I have never even heard of this film or I don’t think I have. Sounds a bit far-fetched and based on your comments, I probably won’t see it. I can’t get my mind around Myrna Loy as a barnstorming pilot!!!!!

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