Treasure Island (1934)

Treasure IslandTreasure Island Poster
Directed by Victor Fleming
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Second or third viewing


Capt. Alexander Smollett: When there’s treasure in the hold, there’s fire in the fo’c’sle.

Old Billy Bones (Lionel Barrymore) turns up at the inn run by Jim Hawkins’s (Jackie Cooper) mother with a mysterious chest. Soon other unsavory characters turn up in search of Billy. Upon Billy’s untimely death, Jim discovers a treasure map in the chest. Gentlemen of the town hire a ship to search for the treasure. Before they know it, unscrupulous but loveable Long John Silver (Wallace Beery) has signed on as cook and brought aboard his pirate cronies as crew. Long John and Jim become fast friends and the adventure begins.

Treasure Island 1

This movie was a ton of fun and I’m sure immensely popular with boys when it came out. I thought the style foreshadowed¬†The Wizard of Oz, also directed by Fleming, in its storybook exaggeration and charm. The pirates are deliciously vile! ¬†I think those who enjoyed The Adventures of Robin Hood would like this.


2 thoughts on “Treasure Island (1934)

  1. Treasure Island is indeed a fun film but as usual I have one gripe. Wallace Beery……he got on my nerves, he always gets on my nerves. With that said, I will admit that he was particularly good in “Dinner at Eight” and even better in “Grand Hotel”. Those parts were perfect for him. But that “gruff but loveable character” grew tiresome in some of his other films…………and his brother Noah Sr. (see him in Doug Sr.’s “Zorro”) was beyond belief. A family of hams I guess. Aren’t I a grump????

  2. I almost added just for you “if you can stand Wallace Beery, that is”! And if you are grumpy, I can understand exactly why that might be the case (nudge, nudge).

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