The Good Fairy (1935)

The Good FairyGood Fairy Poster
Directed by William Wyler
Universal Pictures

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Dr. Schultz:  The, uh, the pants, I mean, they’re not too tight?

Schlapkohl: That depends entirely on the girls, the pants are all the same size.

This charming film has some of my favorite actors and a witty screenplay by Preston Sturges.  It is a romantic comedy verging on the screwball.

The setting is modern-day (1935) Hungary.  A movie theater owner goes to an orphanage to find an usherette for his theater and selects the sweet, naive Luisa Ginglebuscher (Margaret Sullavan).  On one of her first days in the big city she is invited by a waiter (Reginald Owen) to a party in the hotel where he works.  At the party, she is approached by wealthy Mr. Konrad (Frank Morgan) who tries to seduce her.  This frightens Luisa and she says she is married.  Konrad is not deterred and says he will make her husband rich. This inspires Luisa with the thought that she could do a good deed for someone like they were taught at the orphanage.  So she selects the name of lawyer Max Sporum (Herbert Marshall) from the phone book.  Konrad goes to see Sporum the next day and gives the bewildered man a lucrative five-year contract.  Sporum and Luisa meet thereafter and go on a shopping spree and things proceed from there!

Good Fairy 1

The plot description doesn’t sound too amusing but I can assure you the movie is.  The dialogue just pops.  I adore Margaret Sullavan, whom I have not seen enough of.  She would charm the pants off an alligator.  Herbert Marshall has probably never been this whimsical and it suits him.  Recommended.



2 thoughts on “The Good Fairy (1935)

    • I had seen it a few years ago. I loved it so much that when it wasn’t available to rent now I went ahead and bought it. I was glad I did!

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