Stand Up and Cheer! (1934)

Directed by Hamilton MacFadden
Fox Film Corporation

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The President decides to improve morale during the Depression by creating a Department of Amusement headed by Secretary Lawrence Cromwell (Warner Baxter).  Cromwell selects Mary Adams (Madge Evans) to run the Children’s Division, and they promptly fall in love.  Meanwhile, some wicked industrialists are trying to sabotage Cromwell’s efforts to cheer up the nation.

Stand Up and Cheer 1

Dig those hats!

The plot is an excuse for a variety review and , aside from the “Baby Take a Bow” number with Shirley Temple and James Dunn, this movie is a godawful mess. The routines progressively grow worse and worse until we are left with “Broadway’s Gone Hill-Billy”, a truly awful sketch involving Stepin Fetchit and a live penguin voiced by a Jimmy Durante impersonator (!!!), and the “We’re Out of the Red” finale.  Yes, these are every bit as bad as they sound.

James Dunn

The ability of James Dunn to overcome this dreadful material led me to look up his biography. I really thought he was wonderful in 1931’s Bad Girl and was wondering what became of him. It turns out that it was the old story of alcoholism rendering a talented actor unemployable. Dunn did have a comeback in 1945’s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn which earned him a Best Supporting Actor Oscar but he retreated again into obscurity.

Website dedicated to James Dunn:

Excerpts from Stand Up and Cheer! – Scenes with Shirley Temple  – “Baby, Take a Bow” starts at 4:43


4 thoughts on “Stand Up and Cheer! (1934)

    • I love her in this year when she is around five years old. She is still all kid and hadn’t yet become slightly mannered.

  1. Probably one of the worst movies of the year (well, almost any year). Those revue movies that used to be popular during this time were never very good. Of course, Stepin Fetchit makes me want to scream and you already know what I think about Shirley Temple.

    • Can you just imagine Stepin Fetchin chasing a live penguin around a room while the penguin has a voice sort of like Jimmy Durante and keeps calling him stuff like “Black Friday” and “slavey”! Squirm makingingly awful and sooo unfunny.

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