Our Relations (1936)

Our RelationsOur Relations poster
Directed by Harry Lachman
Written by Richard Connell, Felix Adler, et al
Hal Roach Studios/Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer
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Finn: [hands Ollie a bill] Here, have yourselves a fling. Ollie: A dollar? We can’t do much flinging on a dollar.

I found most of this uninspired until the very end when a sight gag involving Stan and Ollie bobbing around like roly-poly dolls with their feet in cement had me roaring  with laughter.

Stan and Ollie’s long-lost twin brothers Alf and Bertie are sailors.  Unbeknownst to our heroes they show up penniless in town and set in motion all kinds of nonsense involving mistaken identities and a valuable ringing belonging to the captain of the ship.  With Alan Hale as a beer-garden owner.

Laurel & Hardy


4 thoughts on “Our Relations (1936)

  1. They were at the end of their career as a team and as is usually the case, the later movies were weak.. But they gave us so much joy in their earlier films, that this one can be forgiven.

  2. Actually, this was one of only a few films Stan Laurel is credited as a producer and some innovations show quite delightfully as a result. They brought in a special photographer to handle not only more dramatic shadows and film angles but too smoothly handle the split screen technique Inew in the late ’30’s) to show the two sets of Laurel & Hardys at the same time. Thus this film has a classier look than many other of the Roach efforts. Yes – the wharf scene at the end is a RIOT! I would not count this one of their ‘weak’ later films. Watch the ‘Big Noise’ for that adjective.

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