Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1963)

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Ieri oggi domani)
Directed by Vittorio de Sica
Written by Eduardo De Felippo, Cesare Zavattini, et al
Compagnia Cinematografica Champion/Les Films Concordia
First viewing/Netflix rental

I am lucky. I had a very beautiful mother. – Sophia Loren

Three comic tales starring Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni are like a breath of fresh air!

The first story, “Adelina” has Loren as a illicit cigarette vender who is threatened with jail when she cannot pay a fine.  She and husband Mastroianni learn that she can stay out of the pokey as long as she is pregnant or nursing a baby.  This works for several years until hubby tires and is ready for a break.

“Anna” is the shortest of the three.  Here Loren is a fabulously wealthy married lady out to seduce Mastroianni while on a drive in her Rolls. Her scheme is interrupted by an accident.

As “Mara”, Loren is a high-class call-girl and Mastroianni her odd-ball but endearing sex-starved client.  She also catches the eye of a young seminarian and must take drastic action when he is tempted to renounce his vocation.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this movie.  Mastroianni and Loren have fantastic chemistry and shine in all their very different roles.  She was perhaps at the height of her beauty here.  Warmly recommended.

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