No Man Is an Island (1962)

No Man Is an Island
Directed by Richard Goldstone and John Monks Jr.
Written by Richard Goldstone and John Monks Jr.
Gold Coast Productions
First viewing/Netflix


Where is Guam and why would North Korea attack it? — Fox News

If the story weren’t true, one could hardly believe it.

George R. Tweed (Jeffrey Hunter) and some comrades are serving in the Navy on Guam when it is attacked and swiftly occupied by the Japanese, simultaneous with the attack on Pearl Harbor.  A very small contingent escapes into the countryside where the residents, previously referred to as “fishheads”, shelter them at considerable danger to themselves.  All but Tweed succumb in short order.

He is sent deeper inland to a Catholic compound that has been spared.  Tweed begins a small campaign of subversion.  Before long, he is chased out of there as well and takes shelter in a cave on a remote mountain top.  He forms a close relationship with the local family that is providing for him, most especially the daughter.

This movie is enjoyable without being outstanding in any way.  It could be good family fare as there is no graphic violence.


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