All Night Long (1962)

All Night Long
Directed by Basil Dearden
Written by Nel King and Paul Jarrico
The Rank Organization
First viewing/Netflix rental


Johnnie Cousin: Me? Oh, I belong to that new minority group: white American jazz musicians. They’re going to hold a mass meeting in a phone booth. [laughs]

Here’s a decent version of Othello with a modern twist.

The setting is the first anniversary celebration of the marriage of black jazz band leader Aurelius Rex and white singer Delia Lane.  Delia retired from singing when she married Rex.  Drummer Johnnie Cousin (Patrick McGoohan) is jealous of Rex and wants to start his own band.  He can get backing but only with the promise that Delia will return to sing with his band.  He doesn’t let his financier know that he has not been able make a deal with Delia though.

So Johnnie plots to break up her marriage by making Rex jealous of Delia’s relationship with Cass Michaels.  He resorts to some pretty underhanded means of doing this.  With Richard Attenborough as a wealthy fan and jazz greats Dave Brubeck and Charles Mingus in Rex’s band.

This was good if not great.  McGoohan makes an evil Iago and does well with an American accent.  Nice music throughout


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