If a Man Answers (1962)

If a Man Answers
Directed by Henry Levin
Written by Richard Morris from a novel by Winifred Wolfe
Ross Hunter Productions/Universal International Pictures
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Germaine Stacy: Husbands often leave home. Pets never do. There must be a reason.

This mildly risque sitcom shows how a new bride learns to manipulate her man.

Chantal Stacey (Sandra Dee) was born of a wealthy Bostonian father and French mother. As the film begins she is ripe for marriage.  She selects an unlikely candidate in confirmed bachelor Eugene Wright (Bobby Darrin).  It doesn’t take long before all his defenses are gone and they wed.

The newlyweds go through the normal growing pains.  Chantal’s mother advises Chantal on how to keep her man’s interest.  This includes a dog training manual and the jealousy maneuver.  With John Lund of Bulldog Drummond fame as Chantal’s father, Cesar Romero as a mystery man, and Stephanie Powers as Chantal’s rival.

With the addition of a laugh track this could have played on 60’s TV, minus a couple of slightly naughty bits.  The chemistry between Dee and Darrin carries the piece.

Montage of clips with Darrin’s rendition of the title tune

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