The Woman Eater (1958)

The Woman Eater (“Womaneater”)woman-eater-poster
Directed by Charles Saunders
Written by Brandon Fleming
Fortress Film Productions Ltd.
First viewing/YouTube

Tanga, the native: You want masta? You come in.

By 1958, George Coulouris was specializing in B movies and TV.  He gives this dreary skid-row British production just a bit of class.

Mad scientist Dr. Moran (Coulouris) goes deep into the Amazon jungle in search of a serum that will bring the the dead to life.  The ritual involves a snake charmer, drums, and a woman-eating plant.  Moran brings the drummer and the plant back to England, where he feeds fresh victims to the plant in hopes of extracting the serum.  Apart from some staid romance, not much else happens.


The best part is the opening snake charming ritual.  It is downhill from there.  This movie is entirely missable.

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