The Red Balloon (1956)

The Red Balloonred balloon poster
Directed by Albert Lamorisse
Films Montsouris
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Pascal – le petit garçon: Could you hold my balloon while I’m in school?

This may just be the perfect short film for any age.

There is almost no dialogue.  A young boy spots a red balloon practically as big as he is and makes it his own.  The balloon accompanies him on his adventures Paris, waiting faithfully when he has chores like going to school.  Drama intrudes toward the end and is resolved in the most delightful way.

red balloon 3

Paris never looked more beautiful and childhood never seemed more magical.  The score is fantastic as well. This film should be seen by everyone.  I can’t understand why it is not in the Book.

The Red Balloon won the Academy Award for Best Writing, Best Screenplay – Original.  It won the Palme d’Or at Cannes.


New York Times review (spoiler)

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