1959 Recap and 10 Favorites List

I watched 108 films released in 1959.  A complete list can be found here.  I consider this to be one of the great years in both US and foreign cinema,  This is true both at the very top end and for a number of films that straddled the border between very good and excellent. The bottom end was crammed with memorable bad movie classics!

The list is unranked.  The top four films were all rated 10/10 by me.  Films I rated 9/10 that did not make the cut were:  Compulsion; Odds Against Tomorrow; and Good Morning.  Le Trou is considered to be a 1960 release by IMDb.

10.  Ballad of a Soldier – directed by Girgoriy Chukhray

9.  Anatomy of a Murder – directed by Otto Preminger

8.  Suddenly, Last Summer – directed by Joseph L. Manciewicz

7.  Hiroshima Mon Amour – directed by Alain Resnais

6.  Room at the Top – directed by Jack Clayton

5.  Floating Weeds – directed by Yasujiro Ozu

4.  North by Northwest – directed by Alfred Hitchcock

3.  The World of Apu directed by Satyajit Ray

2.  The 400 Blows – directed by Francois Truffaut

  1.  Some Like It Hot – directed by Billy Wilder



4 thoughts on “1959 Recap and 10 Favorites List

  1. Again colmpletely syncronized. If all go well I will publish my last 59 review tonight.
    There are a lot of good movies in 59 and I like your pick. I have Good Morning scelduled for a view (but probably not a review) when it arrives.
    I would probably place North by Northwest and Some Like It Hot at the top, but the field just below is crowded.

    • Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on both Ozu films! If you don’t review Good Morning, it would be fabulous if you could drop a comment here.

  2. Good list. I’ve seen 9 of these, and I think most of them would make my list for this year, although I’d put North by Northwest at the top.

    Hell of a good year in movies!

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