You’ll Find Out (1940)

You’ll Find Outyou'll find out poster
Directed by David Butler
Written by James V. Kern, David Butler et al
RKO Radio Pictures

First viewing/Netflix rental


Kay Kyser: [to a contestant] Now, wh-what’s the difference between a weasel, an easel, and a measle? What’s a measle? Go ahead and break out with it.

I watched this one because I’m a completest and a fan of the Classic-Era horror stars.  If you fit into one of those categories (or are a fan of Kay Kayser’s band) this could be interesting.

The plot is secondary to the music and gags but here goes.  Janis, an heiress, hires Kay Kayser and His College of Musical Knowledge to play at her 21st birthday party at her aunt’s mansion.  The aunt is under the spell of medium Prince Saliano (Bela Lugosi). Creepy Judge Mainwaring (Boris Karloff) brings in Professor Fenniger (Peter Lorre) to expose the Prince as a charlatan.  Soon enough it becomes clear that someone is trying to murder Janis and Kayser and the boys are in on the action.  With Dennis O’Keefe as Kayser’s manager.


You'll Find Out 1

This is played strictly for laughs.  Whether it’s funny or not is a matter of taste.  I was not too impressed.  It was fun to see Ish Kabibble, a name I have always loved but never been able to connect to a face.

Jimmy McHugh and Johnny Mercer were nominated for an Academy Award for the song “I’d Know You Anywhere”.


Clip – Ginny Sims singing “I’d Know You Anywhere”

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