The Room (2003)

The Room
Directed by Tommy Wiseau
Written by Tommy Wiseau
First viewing/YouTube


It’s as if Ed Wood made a love-triangle soap opera punctuated with soft-core porn.

The movie takes place in an alternative universe masquerading as San Francisco.  Johnny is a bank employee who has been engaged to Lisa for the last five years.  They make love two or three times a day.  She is bored and starts an affair with Johnny’s best friend Mark on the eve of their nuptials.  When Johnny finds out about Lisa’s duplicity   SPOILER


he kills himself.

Obviously, the above is a pretty thin plot for a 99 minute movie.  So there are several other characters who drop in for little particular purpose.  What really adds to the running time however, are the endless soft-focus sex scenes featuring the aging Wiseau’s bare buttocks and with Mark, who is at least more attractive.  Wiseau also seems to like to toss footballs around more than the average guy.

I watched the movie alone and must admit it was an experience.  But it is even better with other people. I managed to find a youtube video with three young people commenting as they watched this for the first time that made me laugh pretty hard.

You have to admit the guy had a vision, demented as it may have been.  In the future, though, I will stick to my beloved bad sci-fi.

Montage of “worst” moments does not fully convey the impact of this terrible, terrible film

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