Oscar-Nominated Cartoons of 1942

Der Fuehrer’s Face
Walt Disney Studio
Available on YouTube

This might just be the rudest cartoon Disney ever put out and very, very funny.  Donald Duck is subjected to short rations and forced labor in Nazi Germany, all the while heiling Hitler like mad.  Very deserving of its Oscar win for Best Short Subject, Cartoon.  You really should give it a try but don’t blame me if you can’t get the music out of your head for days.

der fuerhers face 1


All Out for ‘V’
Terrytunes/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Available on YouTube

When their forest home is bombed and war declared, the animals all do their bit for victory. They produce munitions, food, and wool, donate money, enforce the blackout, and even launch an attack on Japanese Beetles.  Moderately amusing, if a bit heavy-handed.

All Out for V

Blitz Wolf
Directed by Tex Avery

Available on YouTube

The Big Bad Wolf (AKA “Der Fewer”) doesn’t stand a chance against the heavily armed and fortified Three Little Pigs.  Almost equal to the Disney cartoon in rudeness and hilarity.

Blitz Wolf

Juke Box Jamboree
Walter Lantz Productions

I’ve been unable to find this cartoon online anywhere that does not require downloading something or other. Would love to hear from those who have seen it!


Pigs in a Polka
Directed by Friz Frelang
Warner Bros.
Available on YouTube

Another entertaining adaptation of The Three Little Pigs, this time without the war connection.  I don’t think Warners would be able to get away with such close modeling of the Disney characters today.


Tulips Shall Grow
George Pal
George Pal Productions/Paramount Pictures
Available on YouTube

Touching stop-action Puppetoon about how the idyllic life of Dutch sweethearts is interrupted by an invading army of goose-stepping Screwballs and how their prayers are answered in the end.  Recommended.


The following Disney cartoons were nominated in the category of Best Documentary:

The New Spirit
Walt Disney Studios
Available on YouTube

Despite grave temptation to spend his paycheck on wine, women, and song, Donald Duck saves his money to pay his income tax.  It’s the patriotic thing to do!

new spirit 1

This was the best I could do in terms of quality

The Grain That Built a Hemisphere
Walt Disney Studios
Available on YouTube

The history of corn from its evolution through its importance to the war effort.  Really only for those interested in such things.

grain that built the hemisphere

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