Music in My Heart (1940)

Music in My Heartmusic in my heart
Directed by Joseph Santley
Written by James Edward Grant
Columbia Pictures Corporation
First viewing/Columbia Tri-Star DVD

I wanted to study singing, but Harry Cohn kept saying, “Who needs it?” and the studio wouldn’t pay for it. They had me so intimidated that I couldn’t have done it anyway. They always said, “Oh, no, we can’t let you do it. There’s no time for that; it has to be done right now!” I was under contract, and that was it. — Rita Hayworth

This movie might just define the word “mediocre” for Classic Era musicals.

Bob (Tony Martin) has been waiting for his chance to take the stage as understudy in a Broadway show but the leads have been uncooperatively healthy.  On the night the immigration authorities come to deport him one of them feigns illness and Bob gets his big break.  (You may ask Bob’s nationality.  Why he is American but somehow his partents never bothered to file their citizenship papers.)  After the show, he heads for the ship that will take him to Europe.  Patricia (Rita Hayworth) is catching a ship to marry her wealthy but dull boyfriend (Alan Mowbray).  These two manage to crowd into the same cab which then breaks down causing both to miss the boat.  Naturally they quickly fall in love.

Some Russian emigrants that run a cafe and are somehow connected with Patricia put Bob up.  The requisite misunderstandings and obstacles fill the path of our couple but love conquers all.  With Eric Blore as a butler.


music in my heart 2

This film is basically a showcase for Tony Martin’s singing.  If you like Tony Martin, possibly this movie would be worth your time.  I did not know before this but it turns out I am not a fan.  The plot could not be more predictable and cliché ridden.

Music in My Heart was nominated for an Academy Award in the category Best Original Song (“It’s a Blue World”).

Clip – Tony Martin singing “It’s a Blue World”

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