The Magic Sword (1962)

The Magic Sword Directed by Bert I. Gordon
Written by Bernard C. Schoenfeld; story by Bert I. Gordon
Bert I. Gordon Productions
First viewing/Netflix rental


Lodac: [chuckling] You don’t like Sir Branton? Oh, come now. A damsel in distress can’t afford to pick and choose.

This fairy tale adventure from giant-creature specialist Bert I. Gordon came as a very pleasant surprise.

Sir George was left an orphan and raised practically since birth by Sybil (Estelle Winwood), a sorceress.  It is his 20th birthday.  A magic reflecting pool shows him that Princess Helene, his beloved, has been kidnapped.  Sybil refuses to let him ride to her assistance.  To cheer him up, she shows him all the magic items she will give to him when he turns 21. George tricks Sybil and locks her underground. He then departs for the castle with the magic sword, magic armor, and 6 knights resurrected from the dead.

Evil wizard  Lodac (Basil Rathbone) tells Helene’s father, the King, that he will feed his daughter to a dragon in seven days time.  Dastardly Sir Branton, who wants Helene for himself, promises the king he will rescue the girl in exchange for her hand in marriage.  George arrives in the knick of time and the king promises the princess to whomever rescues her.  The seven start out as a group.

Lodac has placed six curses between the palace and the dungeon where the princess is being kept.  High adventure ensues.

I wasn’t expecting much especially after learning that this was sent up on Mystery Science Theater 3000.  I don’t know why because I found it thoroughly enjoyable.  The effects are good for a movie of this vintage and budget.  The make-up is award-worthy.  It was great fun watching Basil Rathbone do his thing. This would make excellent family viewing with boys of a certain age.

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