Monstrosity (1963)

Monstrosity (AKA The Atomic Brain)
Directed by Joseph V. Mascelli
Written by Vy Russell, Sue Dwiggins, and Dean Dillman Jr.
Cinema Venture
First viewing/Amazon Prime

Narrator: As with the other bodies stolen from cemeteries, the nerve endings of the brain were too far gone to receive a proper transplant. The experiment failed to produce anything more than a walking, breathing zombie-like creature. But the doctor permitted her to wander about the laboratory – she was harmless and … [leering tone] at times even amusing.

Horror meets mild titillation in this truly weird and terrible brain transplant movie.

Dr. Frank’s experiments in atomic brain transplants are being financed Mrs. March, a wealthy, mean and nasty old woman.  She hopes to have her 80-year-old brain transplanted into a sexy young body so that she can at last be “loved for herself.” For now her needs are satisfied by craven gigolo Victor.

Dr. Frank has been somewhat successful with transplanting animal brains into dead bodies leaving a Wolf Man like monstrosity to do his bidding.  What he needs are some live bodies to work on.  These arrive in the form of foreign young women – from Britain, Austria, and Latin America – hired by Mrs. March as domestics.  On and on the story goes as experiments pile up, misfiring along the way to the fiery climax.

Once again the Random Number Generator has supplied a movie from the very bottom of the barrel to begin a new year.  This one is bizarre in the extreme.  The most amusing part is the sexy “British” girl’s – she’s named Bea! – sporadic attempts at an accent that range from Cockney to upper class.  But there’s something for every bad movie lover here.  It does drag at only just over an hour.

Clip – opening

4 thoughts on “Monstrosity (1963)

  1. I haven’t seen it for a long time. I had it on VHS and never replaced it when I switched to DVD. But oh what a glorious awful magnificent horrible mess it is!

    I know it as The Atomic Brain.

    I don’t think I ever saw the MST3K version, but thinking of this movie reminds me of a note from the MST3K book about a gag for The Atomic Brain that I think they didn’t use, a song that goes “There’s a girl on the roof and she thinks she’s a cat!” It’s my favorite scene and I think that’s why I remember the gag.

    • I was looking forward it based on your previous “recommendation”. I think I will have to watch the MSTK3 version. Isn’t that something how the brain of a human will fit in the head of a cat?

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