The Devil’s Hand

The Devil’s Hand
Directed by William J. Hole Jr.
Written by Jo Heims
Rex Carlton Productions
First viewing/YouTube


Rick Turner: You’ve waited all your life for the perfect mate; what’s twenty minutes more?

Donna Trent: You should get over that inferiority complex.

It’s hard to imagine a more bland movie about voodoo.

Rick Turner (Robert Alda) is in a long-term relationship with Donna Trent but has yet to be persuaded to take a trip down the aisle. Lately, his resolve has been further shaken by persistent dreams about a beautiful blonde, Bianca.  He is mysteriously drawn to a shop where he finds dolls with the images of both women. The owner tells him that he ordered the Bianca doll but denies that he ordered the Donna doll.  Eventually voodoo with her doll puts Donna out of commission.  Rick becomes a devotee of both voodoo and Bianca. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I must admit that I relied heavily on the IMDb plot summary for my own.  I remembered almost nothing about the film less than 24 hours later.  There are zero scares in this middle American cult.  Well worth a miss.


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