Story of a Love Affair (1950)

Story of a Love Affair (Cronaca di un amore)220px-Story_of_a_Love_Affair_DVD
Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni
Written by Michelangelo Antonioni, Daniele D’Anza et al
Vilani Film
First viewing/Netflix Instant


I feel like a father towards my old films. You bring children into the world, then they grow up and go off on their own. From time to time you get together, and it’s always a pleasure to see them again. — Michelangelo Antonioni

Antonioni’s feature film debut looks beautiful.  Unfortunately, the soundtrack rendered it almost unwatchable for me.

Paola Fontana (lucia Bose) is incredibly beautiful and married to a much older and extremely wealthy man.  Before her marriage several years ago, she had an affair with Guido, who was engaged to another woman at the time.  The two let the woman fall to her death in an elevator shaft.  They could have saved her by giving her a warning.  A mysterious man is nosing around about the incident.

story 1

Feeling guilty, the two had gone their separate ways after the fiancee’s death.  Now the investigation prompts Gulio to get in touch with Paola.  Their passion is still strong and they resume where things left off.  Now her husband is standing in their way.


This is a good-looking if not profound story in The Postman Always Rings Twice vein.  The dissonant modern jazz score that accompanies the film had an effect on me similar to fingernails on a blackboard.  The other post-production sound and dialogue were jarring as well.  Never again.

Clip – 360 degree pan

Trailer – featuring the music



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  1. If the trailer is an good snapshot of the music through out I applaud your dedication to watch it from go to whoa….some experiments do NOT gel!

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